Tips for Using Law Finder

Basics You Must Know for Better Results with Law Finder

Database of Law Finder

Scope and Reach

Law Finder Database has over 7,20,000 cases Decided by Supreme Court, Privy Council, High Courts starting from year 1936. This base is growing @ about 8000-10000 cases per month
Law Finder also covers all kind of judicial Tribunals, Commissions and other similar Judicial bodies.
Almost all published cases of Supreme Court of India from year 1950.
Law Finder Covers about 250 Indian Law Journals and is currently updated every month from over 150 Law Journals. 99% of the judgments have valid citation.

Searching with Law Finder

Tips and Tricks

Since 70-80 % judgments contain Headnotes, searching your topic in headnote is likely to yield best and relevant results, however avoid exact phrase in Headnotes
You can search in any single field or more then one in single go
You can type any query or phrase of your choice there is no limitation.
Fuzzy logic of Law Finder will search poison = poisoning = poisoned = poisonous in single pass
Thesaurus of Law Finder helps find selected words like Kapoor = Kapur in single pass
You can use wild cards like * and ?. (go* will find go, gold and Godown etc. se??ing will find setting and selling etc.)
You can Search within Hitlist
Abbreviations like IPC Crpc NDPS etc. can be used, most of the abbreviations work but if any of your commonly known abbreviation does not work kindly report.
You can Search within Hitlist

Star Ranking of Judgments

Frequently Cited Cases

Important cases are referred to repeatedly in subsequent judgments. Law Finder gives ranking to each case in the form of stars in the menu bar. It also lets you know how many times the judgment has been referred.
You can have list of cases where it has been referred to by clicking on Stars.

Over Ruled and Relied Judgments

Dissenting Cases too

Over Ruled Cases
Over ruled and Reversed judgments are marked with a Pink background a Bouncing Smiley in the top right corner. Overruled or Reversed cases routinely come up in your searches so you are alerted by the colour.
You can open the Overruling judgment by clicking on the Bouncing Smiley.
Dissented Cases
In case of dissented judgment you will see a bouncing smiley but the screen will not be red or pink.
Relied Cases
In Relied cases dancing smiley will appear, You can click on the smiley to open the judgment where it has been relied.

Hyperlinking of Cases

Referred Cases Hyperlinked

In almost every judgment, lot of past cases are referred. Most of these cases are Hyperlinked. Hyperlinked case displays in different colour.
You can open these cases by clicking on hyperlink.
Hyperlinked judgment will open in separate window.