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11. Saint Asha Ram v. State of Rajasthan, (SC) 30.1.2017.

- Indian Penal Code, 1860 Section 439 Saint Asha Ram case - Accused seeking bail on basis of forged document regarding medical condition of accused - Bail rejected - Order for registration of F

12. State of U.P. v. Ayodhya Prasad Pal (SC) 30.1.2017.

- Constitution of India, 1950 Article 133 Civil Appeal - Appellant is aggrieved, since it did not get an opportunity before High Court to file their counter affidavit and argue their case - St

13. Kalawati Wamanrao Gaikwad (Died) Thr. Lrs Etc. v. Regional Officer M.I.D.C. Latur (SC) 30.1.2017.

- Constitution of India, 1950 Article 133 Civil Appeal - Appeal disposed of in view of earlier order by directing that 50% of enhanced compensation granted to appellants shall be released with

14. Board of Control For Cricket v. Cricket Association of Bihar (SC) 30.1.2017.

- Constitution of India, 1950 Article 133 Directions and intervention and modification of Court's order and permission to implead name of applicant and recalling Court's order and office repor

15. Anindita v. Pranab Kumar Mukherjee (SC) 30.1.2017.

- Constitution of India, 1950 Article 32 Appointment of Respondent no. 2 - Challenged - Petitioners filed writ petition and not remained present in Court - Petition is vexatious and in fact is e

16. Asha Ram s/o Thawar Dass @ Thaumal v. State of Rajasthan through Chief Secretary, (SC) 30.1.2017.

- Criminal Procedure Code, 1973 Section 439 Saint Asha Ram's case - Bail on Medical grounds - Petitioner having difficulty in urination, emerging out of a condition described as prostatomegaly

17. Meghashyam Sadashivrao Vadhave v. State of Maharashtra (SC) 30.1.2017.

- Interlocutory Application - In the facts of case, State Government is directed to pay an amount of Rs. 3,00,000/-, by way of a Demand Draft drawn in name of the non-applicant-workman, within time specified in full and f

18. New Okhla Industrial Development Authority v. Harkishan (Dead), (SC) 27.1.2017.

- A. Land Acquisition Act, 1894 Sections 5A , 17 and 11A Land Acquisition Act, 1894, Sections 11 and 11A - Land acquired by invoking urgency

19. Ganga Ram Sah v. State of Bihar (SC) 27.1.2017.

- Indian Penal Code, 1860 Sections 149 and 34 Common object and common intention - Common object of the unlawful assembly has to be inferred from the membership, the

20. Haryana Urban Development Authority v. Orchid Infrastructure Developers P. Ltd. (SC) 27.1.2017.

- A. Haryana Urban Development Authority Act, 1977, Section 15(2) - Haryana Urban Development (Disposal of Land and Buildings) Regulations, 1978, Regulation 6 - Concluded contract - Maintainability of suit - Auction sale o