Land In West Bengal

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Date : 11/08/2020
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Land In West Bengal

In our law colleges in West Bengal there is not a single paper to understand the various units of the land in West Bengal in this chapter we are going to discuss about the varous units of land. in case the land the international units are decimal, acres, square feet, hectare and the local units are Acre, Bigha, Kattha, Chhatak and borgo foot which means the sqaure feet itself, and there are many other units in west bengal like Hath, Bigda etc but those are not so important to know with but in another chapter we will also discuss about the same, however we also have a Bengali Blog which is also related to land studies which you can find here, so now lets see the measurement of each unit,-

Decimal, which we said, is internationally recognised unit in case of land,

1 Decimal = 435.6 sq. ft.

100 Decimal makes 1 Acre

33 Decimal makes 1 Bigha

1.67 Decimal makes 1 Kattha Now lets come to the Acre Connection, which also an international unit,-

1 Acre Contains 100 decimal

1 Acre = 3 Bighas

Now as 1 decimal = 435.6 sq. ft. 1 Acre = 435.6 X 100 sq. ft. = 43560 sq. ft.

2.47 Acres makes 1 hectare (here you have to understand one thing, according to the local law of West Bengal, in case of non-irrigated land 3.47 Acre makes one standard Hectare) Now we will discuss about the local standar units of land which are Bigha, Kattha, Chhtak etc, At first lets understand the Kattha Connection,

1 Cuttha/Kuttha = 16 Chhitak

1 Cuttha/Kuttha = 720 sq. ft.

1 Cuttha = 1.67 Decimal

20 Cutthas = 1 Bigha

60 Cutthas = 1 Acre Now lets come to the study of Chhtak,-

16 Chhitak makes 1 Cuttha

1 Chhitak = 45 sq. ft. So if any land is 2.5 cuttha, its actually 2 cuttha 8 chhitak or 4 decimal approximately (actually it is 4.17 decimal or [(2 X 720) + (8X45)] sq. ft. = 1800 sq. ft. So, I think so far I have delivered is clear to you, for any other queries please comment here or u can also text/call/whatsapp me at 8981407123 I the upcoming chapters we will discuss more interesting topics about land.

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